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about Mike

Mike is well known across the world for some of his amazing strength feats. Some of these feats include a 1,500# partial rack pull @ 202# bodyweight, a seated 300# Neck raise, Situps with 400# on his chest for reps, allowing a 5/8 piece of 4ft steel bar to be bent across the front of his throat and even performing the very dangerous Hangmans noose where Mike hung himself with a noose to demonstrate his insane neck strength.

While these feats of strength have garnered Mike the aptly titled nickname “The Machine” he is also recognized for his character. Many in the industry site The Machine as a gentleman who always strives to help others while maintaining the highest form of humility.

A former United States Marine himself, The Machine still adheres to the Honor, Commitment and Courage he learned long ago in the Corps and practices these principles in his daily life.

Some of his other accomplishments include:

  • 2x New England grappling Champion
  • Ct State Judo Champion
  • VA Beach State Shootfighting Champion (Pro)
  • East Coast Shootfighting Champion (amateur)
  • Western MA Submission Wrestling Champion (Pro)
  • Sampalis Kickboxing Champion (amateur)
  • Gilletts Mixed Martial Arts Full Instructor 2005

Mike has performed in front of thousands nationwide speaking on the importance of staying drug free and the benefits of adding Physical Culture to your daily life. In his free time he has authored various ebooks as well as filming his dvds that sell all over the world.

Mike resides in KY with his wife and dogs and operates his private gym The Machine Shop Gym LLC.

The Neck Flex® MMB Pro Series Kit

We set forth to raise the bar, and after much time and effort we are proud to present the MMB Pro Series. This kit was formed through a collaboration between Neck Flex and Mike Bruce, and the results exceeded all expectations. Our relentless attention to detail and quality, from the diamond embossed neoprene padding to the highly polished metal buckles, the MMB Pro stands alone.

Combining both plate loading and resistance band training platforms, the versatility is unmatched. Form and function have truly found a common ground within the MMB Pro Series. Whatever your goal, the MMB Pro has got you covered.


Real Man Episode 69- Killing The Bloodline

TRUTH + FACTS = The nutters losing their minds. What I am about to say is 100% truth and in today's pussitis, overly sensitive, weak, clown world many will cower and throw a tantrum over my words. First and foremost I don't give a crap about your feelings and I could care less how you live your life. You do one thing perfectly that no one else does and that is to be yourself. The bloodline dies: Homosexuality is a race to suicide. It is an abomination because gays cannot have children. If gays ruled the world it would kill MANKIND, thus the bloodline dies. The world dies, it is suicide against nature. Women are not men no matter how bad society wants them to be. It will never happen. A women's power lies in their femininity. Ever notice how girls...


Global warming is a hoax, a fraud by those in power that want to take all control away from you and all power to themselves. They give you a problem which causes you to be afraid and then they give you a solution (like Coofid) If you never heard the words Global Warming you'd never think about it. It's the same as it was 20-40 years ago. Seasons change, the weather is as it is. It's a lie to get you to be afraid, comply ad give them control.

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