The good old days of my Performing Strongman career.
94 shows done between 2007-2016.

Very unlikely to happen again due to the pussified culture our society has become.

My message was geared towards boys understanding about manhood, to be a tough but tender gent.

To have manners, tact, take responsibility for your actions and the consequences that come with them.

To teach young men, to open their ears, shut their mouths and listen!

That is how you learn and how you win.

To eat as much humility as possible and never wear your attitude on your sleeve.

To understand that nothing is given to you, you must earn it!

That participation trophies are for the weak and that a man should strive to be the best he can be.

To hold himself to a higher standard and work for what he wants in life.

I message will no longer work in today’s culture.

Our culture has become a crap fest where the bad are celebrated as good, where the ugly and freaky are celebrated and the good and pretty are looked down upon.

I will continue bring my message via my website and videos where I cannot be “masked” or “cancelled”.

These pusscakes can’t cancel me!

The only people that can be cancelled are the ones that bow to the agenda and give control of their being.

I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross and the only one that has control of me,
You know the one name the crazies hate more than any other: that name is Jesus.

Own your flipping day.

The Machine.
I approve this message.

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