32 years old compared to 45 years old.

13 Year Comparison pics.
The first pic is from May 2007, bodyweight was 202, 32 inch waist, 32 years old.

The 2nd pic is from September 2020, bodyweight 198, waist 32 inches, 45 years old.

If you want it you gotta see it with a clear eyed view.

6 days per week in the strength dojo, I rush to do the work, daily small steps to reach my destination, always forward.

I train to be tactically fit, functionally fit and to be as close to my prime fighting shape as I can.

Father time is coming for us all and will eventually take me out.
I just hope I can fight him off as long as possible.

Own your day and never submit to the BS narrative/agenda of the weak minded.

Always forward.