I don’t like organized church.
The current church has become “CHURCHIANITY” not christianity.
Christianity isn’t bad, I’m not anti christian. I am a believer of Jesus.
The current christian is being told to accept things we should not accept. Being told to turn the other cheek when a person spits on us is crazy. Here is an example: Christians are made fun of constantly, yet Muslims not as much.
Why?  Because today’s christian is a domesticated farm animal with no gusto, they don’t fight back.
If you talk ill of Allah you’re likely to get in a fight.
If you talk ill of Jesus the current christian will pray for you.
See the difference.
Nobody fears the christian., they are looked down upon with pity.
Unfortunately most modern christians act like a herd animal that does as he is told to do.

One of the main problems with christianity is that the church wants us all to turn the other cheek, love our neighbor, love everyone no matter how different EQUALITY IS A FARCE.
*It is not human nature to trust everyone.
I say trust no one (though I have failed at this recently)
If you got in trouble, went to jail and practiced the christian ideals aka turn the other cheek, love everyone blah blah blah…..you will be raped and then beaten or killed.  PERIOD.

When you go to church, listen to the pastor preach do you feel alive? good? inspired?
That’s my reality of Church.

Christianity has become a way of control, SALVATION COMES FROM WITHIN.
We have the power to be saved.
The modern church wants us to be weak, controlled slaves.
You have the power to save yourself.

The christian faith is trying to be rubbed out, obsolete by the government.
It looks to me that they are trying to bring back the luciferian  doctrine. Just look at the crazy bills they are passing….It is all to celebrate evil and ugly. The biggest defense against this is Christianity! Yet many churches are bowing down to this lunatic agenda.

Never sell your soul to the devil to sell lies for profit.
Find a level of contentment and moral soundness so that you are above reproach/temptation.
I’ve never cared about prestige or ultimate power.
I’ve never cared about making a ton of money or being rich.
I care about making enough money so I don’t have to work a job.

All of us are divine. Our bodies will die but our spirit never will, it is eternal.
The government is trying to take away our God given rights. They are trying to act as a barrier between believers of God and spirituality.
God is the creator and has dominion over you, not MAN. Only if you give consent, if you give consent for someone to rule over you then you’re an idiot.
*Don’t let the forces of darkness rule you. The government is not God.
Just laugh, live your life and tell them the one thing that pisses them off more than anything:
That is powerful.

Always forward,
Mike The Machine