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Can you train everyday?
Yes you can to a point, it depends on what your goals are.
Athletes do it, Combat Sportsmen do it.
I do it.
I suggest you switch body parts daily example of my current plan.

The 500 Strength Theory.
3 exercises for 5 sets of 100 reps each totaling 1,500 reps.
Duration 10 days straight, then 2 days off then increase weight.
You need to keep the core 3 in the 500’s: chest tries, bies.
Then take out one of the core 3 each day for 5 days. 
500 back
/500 shoulders (light)/
500 legs.
After the Core 3, max out on a higher weight and do 3 sets of 12.
Time: Goal is to be done in 30 minutes of less.
Reason: To build muscular endurance for combat so that the muscle doesn’t hit the wall and blow up during the match.
Check your ego at the door, rush to do the work but don’t rush to reach the destination.Its only strength and conditioning training sessions… I try to get it done in and hour or so….”The only way you hurt your body is by not using it” by Jack Lalanne.

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