Haters are feminine.

They try to test you to see if you’re strong, to see if they can break you.
They do this because they are intimidated by you.

I say ignore them, they are just the average, boring people I don’t agree with.
I can’t relate to them, I am not one of them.
They are simply ghosts floating through life. They are as they are, not the way I wish them to be.
It is their job to “hate” against the successful, straight, white, confident, testosterone driven, heterosesxual man.
And I will never apologize for being myself.

I accept them as they are.
They are them, not as I want them to be… The world is as it is, not as I want it to be…I am me they are them.
The negative people are energy vampires, they hold you back, put you in a negative mindset and keep you from moving forward.
I simply cut them off and put more energy into those that enhance my life.

Remember you must be who you are, not as the system tells you to be.

I am a loner, busy on my own self-actualization, trying to be better than I was yesterday.
I have made mistakes in my life that I cannot change, I cannot do them over so I close that door behind me and I move forward.
Do not regret what you have done.
What’s done is done.
Regret is wasted emotion, the past cannot be undone.
If you dwell on the past you give yourself mental poisoning.
If I made a mistake I learn from it then I move forward.
Reflection is the enemy of action.
Nothing is outside our control, and everything we do will cause a reaction.

I use the venom spewed from the haters as fuel to succeed even more in my life.
Success is the best revenge against a hater.
Your life is what you make it, you can either make it good or you can allow the haters to give you mental poisoning to the point you act like a whiny baby and make it bad.
If you have a wimp mentality you’re always going to find the bad in everything.

The number one law is to take care of yourself… Take control of yourself, take control of your resources and be in control of all your life.
Develop,  master yourself and you will find the good.

Mike The Machine