Your life is what you make it, you can make it good or you can be a feminized sissy and make it bad.

It is up to you.

If you have a sissy attitude you’re always going to find the bad in everything.

This often starts by being brainwashed by the friggin media, news and by following the system that is in place by the crooked government.  The news makes you worry and outraged over nothing.
The news makes good people braindead dummies.
Don’t allow the news and social media to mess with your mind.
Opt out of it, don’t waste your time on stuff you cannot fix or prove.

The news and politics is nothing but a shit show ***
It is called political theatre for a reason.
We the people don’t pay the politicians.
It is a waste of time having interest in this crap, it is like watching a soap opera or pro wrestling….you actually lose sense of reality and become whatever they are trying to make you become.

Politicians and votes are bought and paid for by big money of the world.
Caring about politics changes zero!
When you pay attention to their narrative and drink their kool-aid you become a scared, helpless, piece of crap, a nobody, the same as cattle, a slave to the system and under their control.

I don’t play the political game, not interested because I am too busy building my own culture within the confines of my property/home.
I created my own reality and am very happy doing it.
Politicians are some of the worst people, not our best….Most are greedy, power hungry, short sightedness, dumb and easiest to bribe and blackmail.
They work for the government whose whole mission is to rule the world. They are the dictators that give no craps about the people. They simply want complete control of us to the point that we are so scared of their narrative that we stop thinking for ourselves and bow to their agenda.

Tradition of what america once was built upon is being destroyed by the crazy lunatics in power at the top.
If you follow their BS and drink their kool-aid you become part of their Slave System….when you follow the system you get nothing in return except your civil liberties taken from you.

If you have any brain left you better start thinking for yourself and get a plan of defense in place.
Be above it all and opt-out, detach yourself from the narrative.
Turn off the news, stop watching TV, it’s all a bunch of crap to trick you and to invade those that are weak minded. It’s all an illusion, detach yourself so that you can be free!

Don’t be a slave to the majority.
Be who you are, stay on your side of the street and in your lane.
Don’t bother anyone, let them be, they are as they are not as you want them to be.
You don’t have to join them.
I am a loner busy on my own self-actualization so that I can master self. Only then will I be of benefit to anyone else.

Detach for Freedom.

Own the day,
Mike The Machine Bruce.