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The GOV is pushing VEGANISM and eating BUGS.
These idiots in power make large coin on SOY, CORN, WHEAT and FAKE FOOD.
All that crap is CATTLE food.
Think about this: Kings ate MEAT, the weak, the slaves ate scraps, the cheap. This kept them WEAK, STUPID & SICK..
Meat is the only real food for humans.
We are carnivores.
It’s absurd to think that we are to eat fake crap that is made in a lab and not real.
Nature has food you must hunt, kill to eat.

Stop being sick, stop eating the crap the government tells you to eat and eat MEAT.
if you eat the fake food, the bugs, the slop you get sick.
This makes the powers at be very RICH by YOU going to your Doctors visits, getting put on all sorts of medications and be put on the RINSE and REPEAT cycle as you never get better.