God’s Men….do you have his back?
Salvation comes from within. You have the power to save yourself.
I am a believer in Jesus but, the current Church has become “CHURCHIANITY”, not CHRISTIANITY.
I’m not anti Christian but the current Christian is being told to accept things we should not accept.
This whole “turn the other cheek” crap when a person attacks or spits on you etc is crazy.
This is why Christians are made fun of and not feared or respected.
Most of today’s Christians are like a domesticated farm animal, they don’t fight back.
Example: If you ended up in prison and tried the “turn the other cheek” deal when being attacked by Billy Bob, you will end up being very attached to old Billy and with a new name, something like Sally.
I thought we only bow before the cross?
Did I miss the memo?
Need another example:
If you talk ill of Allah to a Muslim, you’ll be having a fight on your hands.
Talk ill of Jesus and the current “Gods Men” will pray for you.
There is always time for prayer but, there is time for prayer and there is a time to stand your ground.
Don’t believe me?
Look around you.
Turn the dreaded trick box TV news on and you will see these evil dictatorship governors slamming all christianity, coming for the Christians.
They don’t want unity, family, beauty, nationalism or patriotism…no no.
They celebrate the ugly, the freaks, the crooked, the criminals and the evil.
If you are a believer then look within yourself. Don’t bow to these evil bull crappers, they are a bunch of idiots.
Stand tall for what you believe in, don’t tuck your tail between your legs and turn your cheek.
Be a real man, be a man of God and have his back. Stay on your side of the street and do good things in life. There is nothing wrong with believing in the good, having a code with the traditions that the current braindead evils of society are trying to kill.
Rise up, stand firm and hold position for all that is good.

Own the day.

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