It’s never too late to start…The main thing is to just START.
Don’t worry about bridges to cross until you come to them. People think because they have made a mistake of some sorts that they can’t come back from that.
Mistakes help you learn, if you know better then you should be doing better.
You get the knowledge and apply it, knowledge is power but knowledge without application is useless.

Health is wealth, you need to take care of yourself.
You can quarantine all you want, wear gloves and masks but if you don’t take care of YOU, it’s a wrap, you’re all done.
The respiratory system goes hand in hand with cardio/calisthenics.
I am not talking about doing the elliptical or treadmill at an easy pace.
Don’t make it easy, make it hard.

I like doing 20 rounds of circuit training for about 30 to 45 minutes.
It’s the best way to tone up and burn fat.

Cardio is everything but strength training is my specialty.
All natural.
Bodyweight 198 pounds.
Deadlift 675
Zercher Squat 500 plus
Bench 330 (always been a struggle since I tore my left pec muscle completely in 2005)

Be you, be who you are, you know how to do it perfectly.

Know thy-self.

Mike The Machine