Bending a 5/8 steel bar over my head during a Church performance.

My best bend over my head is a 3/4 round.
Here it is:

I only did two.
One hangs in my gym and the other I gave to Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers.

My shirt says God’s Men. I believe Christianity is a good thing, I’m not anti Christian, I am a believer in Jesus.

But…the current Christian has become weak, being told to accept things we should not accept.

The current church has become “CHURCHIANITY” it serves the people that own the churches more than its people.

I’ve never needed a congregation or a pack. If you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask me the question.

Self actualization is the #1 law gents…means take care of yourself, know who you are.

Stop being a follower of the blind leading the blind and be in control of your life.

Stop asking permission, stay on your side of the street know your place, go with your gut instinct and live your life on your terms.

Own the day.

#befree #selfimprovement #dontquit #alwaysready