I look at it like this:  When guys talk of how bad they are I ask the following:
1, Who trained you?
2. How many times have you competed?
3. What’s your record? I mean in a sanctioned contest? Not sparring or at your gym.
If they start dribbling excuses out their mouth then I simply tell them you are not a grappler, wrestler etc you are simply practicing.

1996-1997 Two-time New England grappling Champion
1997 East Coast Shootfighting Champion (amateur)
1998 Connecticut State Judo Champion
1998 Sampalis Kickboxing Champion (amateur) 
1999 Virginia Beach State Shootfighting Champion
1999 Western Massachusetts Submission Wrestling Champion.

I know what I’m talking about, here is an article from 1999 about my Coach, our School and a little about me.
Gilletts MMA 1999.