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The Masculine mindset is having an attitude that refuses to submit to anyone.
I don’t like unoriginal people, fake people, loud mouth people or crazy people.
It’s silly for me to listen to these types of people.

I refuse to be a subservient slave to another mans will.
If you follow another man you are literally SUBMITTING to him.
That does not make you a man, it makes you a weak, PUSSCAKE.

I have no apologies, I apologize for nothing, I have nothing to apologize for.
I don’t follow the CONSENSUS.
I only talk about things I know about so if I open my mouth I’m sure about what I am talking about.
It doesn’t matter what the effeminate haters say, because I don’t talk out of my ARSE..

Following the lead of another man…Submitting to another man….Could you imagine?
I cannot.