I had three dogs and now I have none.
First Ellie Jane passed away then Dempsey left on August 30, 2019.
May 10, 2021 I lost my best friend Milo Martone Bruce.
It’s not how long the dog was here with us but how the dog lived while here with us.
Milo lived like a king daily, not one day went by where he ever experienced anything but love.
He was never hit, he was never even sick. He lived an amazing, healthy 8 years until his last day and even his last day was not horrible.  For 8 years every day I got to experience a magical, special time.
Being his daddy was a complete honor, privilege and highlight of my life.
Dogs have a pack mentality, this means they are happiest when with their pack or as I call it “family”.
They are not happy when alone or away from the pack.
A well trained dog knows his place in the pack. He was always by my side eyes fixated on me waiting for my next command. His whole mission in life was to be with me. He absolutely adored me as much as I adored him. He was 100% loyal to his pack, me and my wife.
Because of his unquestioning loyalty he isn’t just “my dog” he is my family and was given my unquestioning loyalty, compassion and love. When owning a BullMastiff we “Celebrate Life and Expect Death”, but every dog that has left me, has never really left me.
To the world, a man is just a man. But, to a dog a man is the world. Let it be known that for every moment of joy you had of him, he had 10 in return.