When 1+1 doesn’t equal 2 something isn’t right.

When the local governor dictates that a private owned business close.
If the business does not follow protocol then there will be strict penalties enforced.
When the nation wide mandate states no more than 5 people to a group yet the governor dictates that I cannot even offer personal training. 

Makes my mind go down too many rabbit holes.
I am no conspiracy gent but I am also a realist and have a brain.

I am a free thinker and this just doesn’t make sense.
There is more to this than just the virus.

I am somewhere in the middle on this whole thing.
I think this virus could be a power and greed ploy for the trade war.
3 senators are now being investigated for selling huge amount of stock right before this all hit.

It’s an election year, people are in panic mode and lost their ever loving minds.

The DOW continues to drop and is uncertain.

And you still think the government cares about us?

They only care about control and will do anything to achieve political power/objective.

Use your brains, do you really think they wouldn’t infect humanity with a virus to achieve said objective?
Too thin the herd?

They have never cared about us, the bigger the government the bigger the tyranny.
Politicians are some of the worst people, not our best. Most are greedy, short sighted, dumb and the easiest to bribe and blackmail.

The government wants to rule the world.
They are dictators that want a few at the top controlling us.
We are simply cattle to them.

Wake up and use your brain, if not enjoy living in dream land with the rest of the herd.