So obesity is up, depression is up, people are outsourcing their care and taking all sorts of pills for this//that and brainwashed idiots are flocking the streets.

Good God!!
The pussitis disease is real.

Here’s the solution, stop being a sorry ass, get some self respect and self discipline in your pathetic body and grow a pair.

Now, here is my antidepressant medication regimen, ready….start doing some form of strength training daily. This will get your blood pumping, release good endorphins and for all that is holy get your testosterone flowing!

Once you do that for a month you need to build a tree trunk of a neck like the one that sits on my shoulders (pointing to) in the picture.

A thick neck stops you from looking down at your feet and feeling sorry for yourself.

Because the damn thing is so big all your can do is look forward or up!

Continue this prescribed regimen and in no time you’ll be looking in the mirror where the wussy once stood and now is replaced by a REAL MAN.
I’m Mike The Machine and I approve this message.
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