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Finding truth without being biased.
I wasn’t raised on religion, my parents were Protestant but I didn’t have to go to Church.
I was never indoctrinated on religion at an early age.
Once I went to the Marine Corps I went to church and learned about Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus was a good person, a teacher of how men, women should act.
Have manners, class, tact and to be a good person.
But…I also believe that religion is a tool, a form of control.

If you follow any religion you will always be controlled.
At the control of another.
Whoever is the leader of said religion will have power over you.
They are your leader.
They’re tools to control you.
In my opinion the meaning of life is to have self-mastery over yourself. To know who you are and be in full control of your life.

I choose to disregard the authority of another.
When you are controlled by another man you give him authority over you. These men in control then feel they have authority over your moral control.

What sins and skeletons do they have in their closet?
What is lurking in the dark when the light isn’t shining?
I use my mind and think for myself.
Church/religion is all about control, mind control.

You become docile by following their authority, eat the grains, peasant food, do the pot lucks don’t eat the meat. So you give submission to the authority. They take everything from you then tell you you’re not doing enough. Give more of your time, more of your money.

Who are you really worshiping?
No, you’re giving to the leader, the Pastor, Priest etc.
Religion talks of the good, the solution.
The evil: Satan.
Religion is thus the cure, the counter to Satan.
God created all so did God create Satan as well?
Follow religion is to go against Satan.

Do you understand?
Just like the crooked Government.
I believe the gov created coofid, released it, scared all the sheeple then had them in fear. So the gov comes out with a solution and answer a counter to go back to normal via taking the ouchi fauci shot.
People lost their livelihood over this madness.
Those hard-chargers that didn’t fall in line and follow the authority are and were free. While the sheep were controlled by their superiors.

See the connection.