Neck Stretches

Shall we do some static stretches before or after every neck workout?  
If so, any ones in particular?
In my opinion it all depends on the person.  
When I started training my neck the year was 1987, I was a scrawny 13 year old with a pencil neck.


There was no internet and I didn’t have anyone around to ask how to train.
The few muscle magazines I could get my hands on had no neck training information at all.
So, I never stretched my neck regularly until I started Wrestling.
Our wrestling warm up consisted of:
After we finished the warm up we would then start stretching.  
We always warmed up first and never stretched cold.
Here is how we did it.


After our stretching we began practicing techniques and finally wrestling live.
Pre match warm up
Stretching has always been a part of my training where I’m lacking.  
I always feel better during and after stretching but It’s just not something I do on a regular basis.
I always feel my NECK gets a good stretch during a workout because I use a full range of motion and I train in such high volume.
Today we have the ability to both,  train our neck and get a great stretch at the same time by using The Neck Flex Harness.
The Neck Flex is the most innovative piece of neck equipment on the market today. 
With the use of the band it comes with we can now do various stretches and even REHAB exercises.
My advice to you is go according to how your body feels.
If you are a beginner do some jump rope as a warm up and then try some of the stretches as seen in the neck stretching video above. 
There is no need to do all of them, just pick three or four and work them before you start your neck training session.
If your neck is really sore and stiff the I would again warm up and then stretch before you workout.
Own your Day and build your neck so thick you can never look down on yourself. 
All you can do is look up!

Keep looking up over in Neck Flex Land and order yourself the best neck harness in the world: where the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

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