This is my typical reaction when I get asked questions about Neck Training.

No matter how many times I share how I built my neck at 13 years old…people continually don’t listen.

Seems they cannot wrap their brain around the fact that I focused on the Neck Curl and later on the Neck Extension with a harness.

I did super high volume 3 sets, 100 repetitions each set. I’ve been saying the same thing since 2007.

These fella’s, bless their hearts are too concerned with everything else but training their necks.

Did they eat before they trained, did they have their pre workout drink, intra workout drink, post workout meal and drink within 30 to 45 minutes of their workout, did they get enough sleep……or….they come at me with all sorts of lower sets and rep schemes completely opposite of what I suggested lol.

So, with a shrug of my shoulders I answer

Stop overthinking and do the work first.

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