Master Series Neck Training Level 1


Mike “The Machine” Bruce tells you how he built his 20″ neck at a bodyweight of 202 pounds while maintaining a life-time drug-free status. The former Wrestler and current Performing strongman and motivational speaker will guide you step-by- step on HOW-YOU-CAN-DO-THE-SAME. Imagine having traps so strong that you can rip off a set of rack shrugs for reps with over 500 pounds!

In strongman circles Mike is known for having the World’s Strongest Neck. Some of his feats include performing 300 pound seated neck raises with a head harness, swinging around a 200 pound man with his head (neck strength), and having 5/8″ steel bars and large horseshoes bent across his throat!


How did he get so strong?  Read, Watch and Learn as the Machine Explains

  • Why he started training his neck
  • Where it all started
  • From Boxing to Wrestling
  • Video at 13 years old of how not to shrug
  • Reps/Sets
  • Heavy-weight/High Volume
  • When To Increase Weight
  • How Often To Train Your Neck
  • How To Shock The Muscles
  • Neck Curls and Lift Variations
  • The 300 Pound Seated Neck Lift World Record
  • The Proper Way To Use A Head Harness
  • Head Harness Lifting
  • Barbell Shrug Variations
  • Why You Should Use The Machine's Progression tracker
  • How To Perform Power Shrugs

And More!
"If you have a brain protect it by working your neck"


This is awesome, very well done and illustrated.

If you want to learn how to make your neck stronger, bigger and nearly indestructible, there is no better authority than Mike the Machine Bruce. He's accomplished feats of neck strength that were previously considered impossible and will likely never be duplicated. In this manual he lays out a step-by-step plan that will allow anyone to develop tremendous neck power. You want a stronger neck? This is where to start.
-Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

Excellent e-book Mike! You have a very clear, succinct and honest transparency in your writing that motivates the reader to action! Awesome job my brother! I also like the way you tied together the intro and conclusion. I love the quote in the middle about "the people who fight best in life...will not quit". Amen!! This e-book will bless and motivate many to be the best that they can be... Congratulations on a great product!!
-Jeff Martone

I think it is great. I really liked the beginning when you gave your background. It was neat reading it and watching the video of you as a kid. I think this has everything anybody will need to know to start neck training. It is also a reminder for seasoned lifters to use the basics because they work. The video clips are also great and helpful. The book is a winner. Thanks again and take care.
-Darrin Shallman

Mike the Machine Bruce captures what the Human Spirit is all about in his new e-book titled MASTER SERIES NECK TRAINING LEVEL 1. This course is much more than building an unbreakable neck. Mike’s story starts out with a young boy who was told he was basically worthless, physically beaten on and feeling like he had nowhere to turn.

Like in all of our lives things do happen for a reason. Mike discovered two words that have changed his life forever. These two words are coined Physical Culture. Such books such as the Ultimate Bodybuilding book and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding plus the influence of Boxers Mike Tyson and Marvin Hagler set Mike into physical motion.

Tyson and Hagler had that serious look and discipline that Mike felt he needed and was looking for. Tyson really impressed Mike with not only his powerful physique but his oak tree neck which seemed to grow out from under his huge traps. Mike new if he built a neck like Mike Tyson his days of looking down were all over. Instead he would be walking strong and proud with his head always held high.

Mike has written a master piece here in regards to his own personal will and tenacity to get it done no matter what circumstance stood in front of him. This book is loaded with the how to of neck training. Mike goes into detail on how he built his impressive trap training and size along with the actual neck routine’s he did to build and achieve a twenty-inch neck at a bodyweight of 198 pounds.

Mikes Master Series Neck Training Level 1 instruction is a winner through and through. The thing I took away from this story the most is the steel, the iron and the strength we build will take us on a lifetime journey of good. Weight Training is the backbone for so many of us who have taken times of despair and turned our life back around into pure gold. Very Impressive!

Written By Eric Fiorillo
President of The Fiorillo Barbell Company and Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7

I read the book last night and again this afternoon. I give it an A+. Excellent work.

First, hearing the early stories made me very sad and definitely set the stage for an emotional investment into seeing you succeed. Also, there was a bit of nostalgia. I remember my first weight set. We are about the same age. I bet we had the exact same plastic set filled with sand! I remember working the hell out of them. Them cracking and leaking. The whole deal.

“The people who fight best in life are not the smartest, strongest or most talented. They are simply those who will not quit.” It's especially powerful when followed up by the Mike The Machine Quote, “If you never quit you will never be a failure.” That is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I say it often. Its a good mantra.

Anyway, Excellent book.

-Thomas Hunt

Here's my take after reading. I found the whole concept to be utterly immersive in a sense of combing story telling with training techniques, such as you laid out your motivation (story) and then what you actually did (training), and this unique format or style basically felt extremely personalized and compelling in the sense that it gave both a background and reasoning for your choices. I thought this aspect of the writing style had me locked in and helped me to understand "why"... you see what I'm saying? You provided something that most every training guide overlooks, and that's the "why"...

-Zach Elam

I just finished reading the book. I liked it a lot. It was straight from the heart. Good training and life advice that one can only speak about if they have experienced it firsthand. Nice job!
-Steve "Crusher" Weiner
Professional Performing Strongman


I just finished the book and watched almost all of the linked videos. Wow. What an amazing journey my dear friend. Your intensity and emotion comes through the pages of your excellent book. Your passion to teach, educate and mentor others is also equally apparent. I love how you open the book and close the book with a powerful and uplifting message of triumphing over adversity and pushing past your own limits and those that others put upon you. You outline your reasons, strategy and exercise for the neck with not only the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ as well. I am convinced, that your training system and techniques could benefit anyone, but most specifically the combat and/or tactical athlete.

The closing line was equally eloquent - “Where your head goes your body follows” and so I built my neck up so that whatever happens to me in life, I will never look down at my feet again. I will always look up.