TNT – Total Neck Training


If you’re tired of having a stack of dimes for a neck…

In this old school training video, Mike “The Machine” Bruce tells you how he built his 20″ neck at a bodyweight of 198 lbs while maintaining a life-time drug-free status. The former submission wrestler and current professional performing strongman/motivational speaker will guide you step by step on how you can do the same. Imagine having traps so strong that you can rip off a set of rack shrugs for reps with over 500 lbs!


In strongman circles Mike was known for having the World's Strongest Neck, a title he proudly claimed for many years. Some of his feats include performing 300 pound seated neck raises with a head harness, swinging around a 200 pound man with his head (neck strength), and having ⅝" steel bars and large horseshoes bent across his throat.

How did he get so strong? Watch, Listen and Learn as the Machine Explains:

  • Reps/Sets
  • Heavy-weight/Light-weight
  • When to increase weight
  • How often to train your neck
  • How to loosen stiff muscles
  • How to shock the muscles
  • Neck curls and life variations
  • Seated trap shockers
  • Proper Way to Use a Head Harness
  • Head Harness Lifting
  • Barbell shrug variations
  • dumbbell shrug variations
  • The Machine altered method
  • Cheat and partial shrugs
  • Gripping and hand placement
  • When to use straps
  • Upright rows machine style
  • Upright row variations
  • Rack Power Pulls
  • "I Don't Knows" and More!