Every “Real Man” should have a code they live by.

Without structure/some rules and thus a code a man of power can become ruthless.

Here are some of my code as I walk through this idiotic, clown world.

● Train, workout, be physically fed, strong from all angles, functional, tactical, be proficient with your hands, with a gun, a knife, be able to run, jump, pull-up, climb. Be in shape, whatever that means to you. DAILY TRAINING in some form is a must.

● Always speak the TRUTH.

● Don’t care what anyone else thinks of you. Life is to short to be concerned over those that have no POSITIVE IMPACT on my life.

● Always look up and FORWARD. Never feel sorry for yourself.

● Use your BRAIN, question everything but be open-minded.

● Admit when you are wrong.

● Obey the law. I said Law not crooked, tyrannical mandates made by PUSS-CAKES in power that don’t rate to carry my gym bag.

● Take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

● Have compassion for the weak.

● Be self-CONFIDENT at all times.

● Be a gentleman, have dignity, tact, MANNERS and grace.

● Always move forward by doing the work first. THE WORK must always come first.

These are just some of the codes of conduct that I follow in my daily walk.

For me I have always chosen to go off grid, opt-out from the MORONS agenda and be rogue if you will. I’ve never needed a pack.

For the past 13 years I have been doing the complete opposite of what the GOVERNMENT and society has been telling us to do.

I am a free thinker and choose FREEDOM.

I don’t and will not need anyone thinking for ME.

If you are a hard charging, testosterone driven, free man and want to learn more about having a code and opting out be sure to go through all of my files, there is a lot to unpack here.

It’s where we build TREE TRUNKS for necks and REAL MEN roam.
Blessings x7.

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