Be self reliant on “YOURSELF”.
If you follow the system you get nothing in return for your labor.
You are simply following what the nutters tell you to do and be like.

The man that stands alone is the only truly free, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. The man that is told what to do is never truly free. If you’re told what to do then you don’t have free will nor control of your own mind.
I choose to stay on my side of the street in my own lane and keep to myself.

I have no interest in other people’s bull crap, drama and shenanigans.
I am to busy building myself.

I understand that life can be short and we only got to do this one time so I am going to make the most of it and own every day as a free thinker.
The solution to being controller by anyone is to be detached, be above it all.
The programs in place by the crooked government are all to keep control of us and make us docile. You must be who you are, not as the system tells you to be. Do your thing, break free, don’t be at the mercy of things.

Bring the message, your message, stand against the idiocy and degeneration of America. Stand when others bow and bow when others stand, boycott this pussitis, looney tune narrative of the weak and powers that be. These evil clowns are killing tradition of what was once a great nation. The people in government have murdered & annihilated all that was good. Society has become a bunch of pussified, subverted, feminized, conquered freaks led by all that is weird and ugly.

They celebrate the evil and piss on the good.

They are killing patriotism, nationalism, heterosesxuality, the family, the church and HELL they are now trying to take away the identities of mother, father, grandmother etc…..for what?
The alphabet people?
The aliens?
The people that identify as A to the Z-X-3 to the 2nd power?
What the bloody hell, these people don’t even know what friggin bathroom to use.
I say do YOU, BE YOURSELF but for cripes sake leave the rest of us alone. I give two craps what you do in your home just as you should care less what I do in mine. I don’t wish anyone ill will but damn!
Understand that it is okay to not agree on a person’s choices and that people don’t have to follow your lead in anything.
We all do one thing perfect that no one else does and that is to be OURSELVES.

Just leave people alone.

I choose to not act following the countries beliefs. Everything they do is wrong: everything they tell us is wrong.
Stop giving away control of your life. Stop listening to them.
Accept everything the way it is. The country is as it is. not as we wish it to be. Those days are long gone.
The crazy loons have taken over the asylum. Sane people are now considered insane and insane people are considered sane.
Never listen to what the government tells you. Do the complete opposite.

We are going down a very dark path that is going to ultimately destroy us.
This government is the worst, they are liars, in control and are the ones causing this division and chaos in our country.
The left is the useful idiots. who have been flipped upside down, brainwashed that hate beauty, that celebrate the evil and ugly.
The right has become a bunch of wussies because they have allowed, gave in and bowed to the crazed left’s agenda.

So my advice is to do the opposite of the modern world, take control of yourself, take control of your resources, be in control of all your life. Focus on yourself, your family, ignore the rest of the world and build your own culture within your home.
Never forget to go with your gut instinct, stay away from the system as much as you can and let clown world be.

STRENGTH IS GOOD-weakness is evil.

Mike The Machine