Every Real Man should treat his body as a temple.
I am not talking about shooting a needle in your arse, walking around in a banana hammock, oiled up and flexing your muscles.
A man should be physically fit, functionally fit and tactically it, always ready aka combat ready.
This man should be able to run, climb, pull himself up, jump over an obstacle, have basic shooting skills using a pistol and rifle, basic knife fighting skills, basic stick fighting skills and know how to defend himself hand to hand aka combat hitting skills.

But that is for another post, today we are going to talk about the fitness aspect of the Real Man.

The basics are what makes masters.

Learning the basics is called The Building Phase….In the building phase you learn the body, you learn how amazing our body is.
Building the body is fun, maintaining the body is the hard part.
It is easy to obtain something but hard to maintain.

Working out is therapy for me, it is my happy time.
If I can do the things I like each day I’ll be very happy.
What makes me happy is being in the gym and training.
It’s where I can show my talent.
When you find the place where you belong win or lose you won’t want to leave.

If you want something you have to see it with a clear eyed view.

First thing you will learn is that when you challenge your body you’re going to go against adversity, and that’s when you’re going to get the chance to adapt to that.  You will learn what kind of mental fortitude you have, what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are.  You can’t give up, you learn how to adapt your character for victory.

Health is wealth, you need to take care of yourself. You can quarantine all you want, wear gloves, dawn a friggin mask if that’s your thing but if you don’t take care of “self” It’s a wrap you’re DONE.
The respiratory system goes hand and hand with working out.

Training makes me feel good inside, keeps the blood flowing.
Consistency is the key, I’ve been training for 33 years! I train constantly, usually 6 days per week in the Strength Dojo with a mix of weight training and cardio/conditioning training.  I do this to fight off the undefeated “Father Time” who eventually will take me out. I just hope that I can fend him off for as long as I can.

I work to work, meaning that I clock in for work when I come to workout. I rush to do the work but I don’t rush to reach the destination.
I workout for ME, I’m not doing this for anyone else.  This is my lifestyle, so the better I am the more things I can do. This is my peace and mind that keeps me grounded, solid and focused.

Weights + Calisthenics is a good balance,
Once you conquer yourself you’re unstoppable.
My training is mental toughness, I go to war with myself to conquer the workout.
Once I can conquer the hurdles of the workout and pass a goal there’s nothing that can stop me.
This mindset allows me to handle the sticks n stones of the energy vampires and the clown world that we are living in.

The main thing to do is just start, you cross bridges as you get to them.
You start, the first step is START.

It’s always harder to restart than to keep moving forward.
Do one thing daily that gets you closer towards your goal.

Start here:
I challenge you to start doing Push-ups, Crunches and Bodyweight Squats 6 days per week for one month.
I want you to build up to doing 100 reps of each. If you have to do the push ups on your knees then do so.  Get a piece of paper and jot down 1 through 10. Now the goal is to do 10 sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise. If you cannot do that then do 5 reps of each exercise. Again build up to doing 10 x 10.
Do it for one solid month then see where you’re at by the end of the month. Do it first thing in the morning when you wake up.
I bet you won’t do it.
Most are slackers and don’t have the “gusto” the needed intestinal fortitude to push through and make a the change from wimp to MAN.
For those that do,
I look forward to hearing from you at the end of your month.

Always forward,

The Machine