All of us are divine. 
Our bodies will die but our spirit never will.
It is eternal.

The government is here to keep us away from our God given rights. They are trying to act as a barrier between me and my spirituality.
They want us all as weak followers bending the knee to their authoritarian, dictatorship orders. They want us to believe that they have power over us (which they are doing a good job at this year) they are here to steal and take from us.
They are not our friend, they are not here to help the little man we are simply livestock to them.

Opt out! 
Be in control of yourself, get rid of the vices that play into their hands: cigs, alcohol, porn, junk food, emotional eating and the dreaded social media.  The cell phone and TV aka the trick box or black magic mirror is nothing more then a way to brainwash you to their agenda. It is a form of Mind Control, to brainwash you to become a consumer not a free thinker.

People are so enslaved by this crap that they don’t even know they are being controlled.

Get rid of all social media if possible.
It is bad for you physically and mentally.
You get absorbed in this virtual fake reality.
It is a waste, walk away and never go back.

Everything that is popular do the opposite.
Ignore the modern world, it is a joke to mind screw you.
People Today need tough love because so many have become brainwashed, weak morons.
Tell the truth, be honest, no bull crap.

Government is killing MEN: Manhood has been infiltrated by the same Octopus, the tentacles of the Octopus represent communism, racism, socialism, feminism, pussitis and all the freaks.
We are in a world where the evil, the wicked and the ugly are celebrated.
The “octopus” is trying to destroy us.
Thus why they are spewing this nonsense about toxic masculinity.
We either abide and live in their “clown world” or we opt out.

I say go rogue, ronin and off the grid.

We must take a stand as men and not succumb to this weak pussitis syndrome.

*Stay away from the system as much as you can.

Live your life, stand for something, leave people alone, stay out of their business,  be grateful for all that you have and give thanks to the good lord.

Strength is good-weakness is evil and Nationalism is a good thing,…..all the other “isms” are trying to kill it.

God has dominion over you, NOT MAN.

Own your Day,
Mike The Machine Bruce

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