Don’t regret what you have done, what’s done is done.
Regret is wasted emotion.
The past cannot be undone.

If you dwell on past mistakes you give them power, thus giving yourself mental poisoning.
I don’t live in the past, I try and let things be, if I make a mistake I learn from it and then move forward.

It’s only the moment, we live in the NOW.
Let the past drive you to the moment you are now.
Let the past drive you to the current moment you are in now.
Let the past, the pain give you POWER.

No pain ,no gain.
Don’t deny it, It’s going to be locked in the closet and hold you back.
The man embraces it, no locked doors here.
Confront it, why are you running?
You only run to get cardio in.

Be blessed x7.
The Machine