STOICISM: Silence Is Compliance.
Being Stoic means that you endure pain + hardship without display of feelings or complaints.

But, if you someone hurts you and you don’t say anything, you are simply complying with them.
You are giving them permission to keep hurting you.

For that reason I don’t believe in Stoicism.
You need to use your voice to be heard.

It is up to us to fight back against injustice, whether with your voice or your hands.

We must not submit to the evils of the world.

Stop giving permission to these looney tune morons in power.

It is my duty as a man to not stand my ground for all that is GOOD.

Strength is good-Weakness is evil.
Allowing people to control, dominate and conquer you is weakness.

Be fearless, have dignity, grace, stand tall and firm for your convictions and beliefs, use your brain and always strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Mike “The Machine” Bruce

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