I get asked the question “How Do I” repeatedly.
The answer is always the same.
Have  SELF-RESPECT Hold yourself to a higher standard and demand more of yourself than others do.
Put in the time and the energy it takes and go after “IT” without remorse, without sympathy and with no apologies.
Do the work each day.  RUSH to do the work, but don’t rush to reach the destination.
All that matters is that you believe in yourself.
Be proud.
Be obsessed.
Be crazy.
Be selfish.Be strict….Be after FREEDOM..
Be deaf to the ENERGY VAMPIRES.
Build your BRAND..
The more you grow you’re going to find you just don’t give a crap about what the SALLY SYNDROME people have to say.
It’s always harder to RESTART than to keep moving forward.
Just start, you cross bridges as you get to them.
You start, the first step is START.

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