Sometimes we need to disconnect, opt out and detach ourselves.

Break the shackles and start over.

There is nothing new under the sun, moon and stars.
You have to nut up, go through the hardship, learn from it and become stronger.
Don’t allow the problems to consume you. Your problem is just an obstacle that you have to overcome.
Adversity can break a man or make him stronger.

To reach where you’re going accept that part of your life, it’s part of your wake up call.
It’s like when you have something but didn’t appreciate it. Once it’s gone you start looking for it. You had it all along, now you want it for one more chance.

Sometimes things need to be taken away from you so you can see clearly now and appreciate what you once had.

Now you can seek redemption, you must be humble and redeem yourself, look deep within you and rebuild.
Be blessed 70x.
I had been stuck in the mud before living a certain life. I stepped back, used my brain, faced my demons and started over.
Now, I am still on redemption highway. I am not perfect, but I try to be. I hold myself to a higher standard and demand more from myself than others. I have some self-respect and put in the time and energy it takes and go after what I want without remorse, sympathy or apologies.



I believe in myself and be patient.
Life is not over, it’s just starting.
I rush to do the work but I don’t rush to reach my destination.

This drive to rebuild helps me keep a balanced life that is structured and happy.
I live below my means with as little overhead as possible. I choose a quiet life with no drama or stress. I stay in my lane and keep my side of the street clean.

Every day is a fight against the demons of my past, I must not submit to temptation. In order to get where I am going in life I need to see it with a clear eyed view. There is real magic in this world, we just ignore it as daydreams.
I am in the business of making my daydreams a reality because that’s what I know how to do.

Create your own reality, create for yourself a life of abundance, all it takes is the decision to do so.

The Machine

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