It is my opinion that college is a set up to put you into debt.
Many do not understand that once you take a loan you then become a slave to that loan.
This is called the Debt Game…no matter the loan once you sign your name the debt shackles go on and the debt noose wraps around your neck.  You are then screwed for x amount of years trying to pay off the debt.


I am here to tell you that you don’t need College and you don’t need it to be successful in life.
No matter what the media circus and Schools advise you on you can be successful without a degree.
The system lies to you by telling you that you need a degree.
Unless you have a certain field that you want to go in to requiring a degree then I suggest you run far away from the debt game.
If you follow the system you get nothing in return for your labor.


You need to build your own brand. You do this by taking a minute and think about what it is you obsess about daily. What is the one thing that you are always thinking about. Then figure out how to turn that thing into a stream of income.
For me it was training, working out…I love to train and decided that I was sick of working 8 hours a day at the big gym for peanuts while worrying if I tick someone off I can be fired at any time.


I chose to be self reliant on myself so that I can’t be fired and lose my job. I didn’t want to be a debt servant to another man or company. I wanted to be free physically, mentally and financially. You need to understand that it takes time to make a great business. Patience is a virtue, you need to put in the time.


Once you decide to move forward you need to always be on top of your business, both in front and in back. The building phase of the business is where you learn. Do the work each day means you show up. The door doesn’t unlock itself.
Now that you have your purpose it is a must that you do not put anything on credit. Once you do, you become a good little debt slave and make the bankers rich.
Debt is slavery.


Stay out of debt, don’t be a money waster, self educate yourself, spend time developing your passion. I started training when I was 13 years old now some 32 years later I am still training. This is my passion it is always on my mind. I have more time invested in physical culture than many doctors have being college educated. I turned this passion into a way to help people and thus make me money doing something that I love. When you do something that you love it doesn’t feel like you have a job.
Live below your means/No bills equals no stress.


Once you start making money and your business is moving forward it is important that you don’t allow money to control you. I’ve never cared about being rich or having prestige. I care about making enough money so I don’t have to go to a job, bow down to the boss and sit in the human resources dept….listening to some feminist tell me about sensitivity training. I choose to stay away from the system as much as I can.


*Never forget Loans are a way to control you and make you a slave.
Once you create/build your own business you can’t be fired, make enough money to not have to rely on the system. All it takes is the decision to do so.  Make the choice, live life as a slave, following others orders or live life as a king of your own reality.
As long as you are dreaming the dream, choose to live the dream.


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