Do not act following the worlds beliefs.
Everything they do is wrong and everything they tell you is wrong.

The way to protect yourself against this “SLAVE SYSTEM” is to stop giving away control of your entire life. Stop listening to them. They want to control you, they want you to not question their lunatic narrative and fall in line with the rest of the sheep.
They keep you so mind screwed via the media (which you should stop watching/listening to ASAP) that you lose control of your own life.

You have to take control and think for yourself.
If you follow the system you become a piece of crap, a nobody, the same as a herd of cattle.

They do this via SOCIALISM which is a tool for complete control. There is no scientific, technological or intellectual advancement with socialism. Only corruption and stupidity.

The slave system is like a cult.
You have one person at the top in absolute power, a few underneath that work for that person.
Everyone gives away their money, their time working for this “cult” leader. The sheep then bow, aka the brainwashed and do everything he says, what not do and are allowed to do. They are so brainwashed they give up their life and end up giving their own personal information that the crooked, tyrannical cult leader shouldn’t have.

Stand strong, don’t bow, don’t submit, be as UNGOVERNABLE as possible.

You have the right to freedom.
Are you capable of holding the line if the nutters come a knocking?

You better be.