Being STOIC means you endure pain and hardship without display of feelings or complaints.
But, if someone hurts you and you don’t say anything you are basically complying with them. You are giving them consent to keep hurting you.
For this reason I am not a stoic person.
I believe you need to use your voice to be heard.
It is up to me to fight back against injustice whether with my voice or other means necessary.
I must not submit to the evils of the world.
It is my duty as a MAN to stand my ground for all that is good.

I never act on partial feeling and I always go with my INTUITION.
Intuition is the voice of source, it is the way, it’s always the right way and will never be the wrong way.
You always must listen to yourself, your heart, your intuition.
You must be true to yourself and pay attention to your inner voice.