1. It is said that long ago an incredibly attractive female vampire bit Mike’s neck…as a result ALL vampire’s fangs fell out…that is why they now only exist on TV.

2.Chuck Norris actually grew his beard to hide his neck from Mike’s neck.

3. It is a little known fact that if you put Mike in a choke hold it actually cuts off YOUR oxygen.

4. Mike has accidentally killed three people by turning his neck too fast…shot the buttons off his shirt collar at such velocity it went thru all three at the same time.

5. Mike’s neck is so powerful the state of Kentucky buys extra power from it on weekends.

6. When Mike flies he’s required to buy two seats…one for him and one for his neck.

7. Mike’s neck actually has it’s own social security number and pays it’s own taxes.

8. If Mike was made into a sculpture, the artist would have to take more rest on the neck than the rest of him

9. In the fairy tale “jack and the Beanstalk” the giant stalk the boy Jack was actually climbing was Mike’s neck.

10. Mike isn’t allowed in a movie theater because he’d have most of the audience telling him to move his head.

11. There’s no harness that really hold mike’s neck, the moment he puts it on it breaks, mike needs to invent one just to keep it from breaking.

12. That story about Rapunzel, her hair is not long enough, the prince would have to climb mike’s neck to reach the tower lol.

13. People who sell neck ties speak of Mike in hushed, reverent tones…often holding secret meetings on how to fit his neck.

14. I don’t know how mike survived in the marines, he must’ve needed special stealth training because his neck stood out more than his comrads.

15. Thor’s hammer would break if it hit mike’s neck.

16. In pro wrestling, nobody would be able to chokeslam mike, his neck would break their hand just by touching it.

17. I once heard that when mike was wrestling his neck had it’s own pinning combinations.

18. surprise you’re choking, your neck can hold a whole wearhouse lol

19. Construction workers called mike because their cranes broke, they needed his neck to take out the building.

20. Matt Jhbjbkj says: Legend has it that behind Mike’s neck… is another neck.

21. Once Mike was on a ship that sank…..7 passengers rafted his neck to safety onshore.

22. Superman’s cape won’t fit on Mike’s neck…and it refuses to try because it feels inferior.

23. Mr. T’s signature gold chain mega set was melted down to make a single chain to fit Mike’s neck….it still wasn’t enough.

24. Mike once went to the jedi academy, they wouldn’t give him a lightsaber, he just lit up his neck and he was instantly ranked a jedi knight. No sith could take him

25. “I think you are not able to smile because the girth of your traps is pulling all your facial muscles downward. :)”

26.”Mike’s neck HAS to be that big to hold up his ego!”

27. “Chuck Norris once kicked mike in the head, Chuck couldn’t walk for a week.”

28. “If Mike got sued and went to court, his neck would have it’s own lawyer.”

29. “Mike’s neck has it’s own monopoly board game”

30. “That old tale of “Who Done it” could never put mike in it, his neck is the key suspect.”

31. In hollywood, Mike’s neck makes more money then the rest of him.”

32. “They should’ve remade the Jungle book because if mike came to mowgli’s rescue against Shear Kahn, that tiger’s claws would be torn off just from trying to slash mike’s neck.”

33. Mike wins a bet and a bookie would have to pay interest because mike’s neck placed a bigger side-bet”

34. “Mike’s neck is so big and strong it needs its own workout journal.”

35. Mike’s neck is so big it looks like a 3rd leg

36. When asked why mike built his neck so big he answered:
“So I will never look down again, with a neck this big I can only look up”

37. Mike built his neck up so he can support his ears

38. That’s not a neck, it’s a Waist.

39. Your Neck looks like a meat stump.

40. Your neck has it’s own and that neck is bigger than my neck.