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What’s the one question I don’t want to answer?
I don’t want to answer any question.
My testosterone is so through the roof that any stupid question annoys me.

It has become difficult for me to want to explain things calmly and detailed.
I just want to throw a moron through a wall.

I don’t want to answer any questions, especially dumb questions.
I have all the information most are looking for in this blog.

I enjoy helping the good people, but the morons are simply that…degenerate retards.

Need an example?
Recent comment on my YOUTUBE channel:
Avi commented: “Looking lean, what’s the diet?”

If this idiot would use the search function on my channel he would see what my diet is.
But, NO!
People are lazy and want you to do the work for them.

That is all.
Own the day my friends.