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The meaning of life is to be yourself FULLY.
To be AWAKE to who you are, what you are.
The meaning of life is to be TRUE to yourself, you must know yourself.
Don’t allow people to tell you who you are or what you are or to change you.

The government tells you this, tells you that, religion does the same thing.
The one person we don’t listen to and should be listening to is ourselves.
Deep within us we have the answer to every question we’ve ever had. Anytime we ask a question we are asking permission to do what we already know we need to do..

So stop asking permission, the answer is already in us. We know the answer to all questions about us. But anytime we ask a question we are afraid of answering it ourselves. You must learn yourself: How can you learn yourself by asking questions of another? Be your own authority.

Disregard all external authority. This is how you achieve control of your LIFE. Let no one else be in control of YOU.
Let no one be in control of your DESTINY.