If you stay active you won’t be captive.
The earth’s not going to curse you, it’s going to bless you.

If it’s not seeded you shouldn’t eat it.
You want life in this, not DEATH.
Put life into your body, you want minerals not chemicals.

Remember you are the first YOU!
If you can’t love YOU how are you going to love anyone else?
I work to work.
I clock in for work when I come to workout.
The only medication I am on is this WORKOUT.

I’m doing this for me, I’m not doing this for anyone else.
If I can be of motivation to someone via my training or the way that I live my life, if that empowers you to do the same thing so be it.

I’m a very quiet person, I wasn’t always this way.
But, I learned to sit, with my ears open, my mouth shut and I learned.
This is how you WIN.
You become the baddest man in the room by being quiet and listening. Everyone likes to hear themselves talk, so let them give away all their secrets while you sit back and analyze, taking the time to learn what you need to move forward within the room.

I am quiet, keep to myself, but when I do feel the need to speak I speak loudly.
When I need to, I let my actions speak louder than my words.
I am more than capable to do so.
I am intune  with myself and self actualization so that I can become the best version of “SELF”.
Don’t run from the adversity, conquer it, head on and conquer.

Be careful folks, one day I might escape!