The vaccine works, so you should get it.
But you still have to wear a face diaper.
But you’ll still get the COVID and have to quarantine.
But you’ll still have to force everyone else to get vaccinated so you FEEL better.
But the vaccine DEFINITELY works, so you should get it. 
Um…ya okay, makes sense?

Then there is this crap show where the CEO of Euro Exim Bank said:
The cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy; he does not buy cars, doesn’t borrow money to buy them, doesn’t pay insurance policies, doesn’t buy fuel or pay for car maintenance and repair. No paid parking, doesn’t cause major accidents and doesn’t become obese.
Healthy people are neither  necessary nor useful for the economy.
They don’t buy medicine, they don’t go to hospitals or doctors and add nothing to the country’s GDP.
Walkers are even worse, they don’t even buy a bike.

Let that sink in gents.
These nutters have an agenda, I don’t what it is but use your friggin brain, 1 + 1 isn’t equaling 2.
Something is up and it isn’t good.
Getting very dark outside but we must keep faith that the good always prevails over the evil.

Need more proof then look below, just remember it is your body and your choice. Read the data and for the love of pete THINK FOR YOURSELF.