How to respond to someone disrespecting you:
I would not use violence unless you are being physically attacked.
If someone says mean words to you it’s not worth being violent. You will go to jail and lose your freedom and the crooked government is already doing enough of that as it is..

You must be mentally stronger.
Don’t be weak and allow words to force you to do jail time over some jabroni.
People are disrespectful in America because they know the chance of being “slept” aka get their asses kicked is low due to facing jail time.

There is no reason to talk bad or disrespect another person that has done nothing wrong to you.
Plus I don’t want to use the court system for any thing!
I don’t trust it.
I don’t want to be involved in it.
I try to not deal with attorney’s or any contracts if possible.
Handshake deals are my preference because most people are snakes.

When it comes to dealing with these morons just cut ties with them.
If they call don’t answer, block their number.
The best option is to ignore them.
If an idiot can cause anger in you then what does that make you?
It makes you an idiot!
If you are that weak that you can be played by a moron then you are a moron as well.
Rise above it.

If you have a pal that comes out and now identifies as a female he is a loon aka a nutcase, aka not mentally stable.
Just sever ties, you can’t be friends with crazy people. Well you can but I wouldn’t suggest it.
Remember the movie Psycho where a man dressed as a woman? Well now these psycho’s are celebrated.
He is mentally unstable.

I choose to not associate with these types of people and that is my right to do so. I don’t wish anyone ill will or harm. Hey, do your thing, whatever makes you happy. But, I don’t have to share fellowship with them either.
I say good luck to you and I wash my hands of them, I don;t be involved, I let it go, I don’t want confrontation, potential violence or jail time.

Always forward gents, I say as a calm, controlled, consistent leader of self.