Society is trying to kill the White race, it’s all an agenda.
Just look at the dreaded, venomous media/news etc…If America was such an evil place and the white people are so bad then why are so many people flocking to a white populated country?
It’s all an agenda from clown world.
“They” want to raise a bunch of weak people so that they can control them.
You do this by elimination aka “plandemic”  oops I meant pandemic.

Instill fear amongst the sheeple and try and eliminate the alpha, masculine type males with a docile and weak wimp.
They want us all the same, ever notice how the tv makes white men look like bumbling, goofs?
Is it a coincidence that with all the estrogen chemicals in America and people coming out as men, women or trans?
Seems like maybe the powers that be aka the elite’s are trying to turn us into weak, limp wristed ladyboys.
The whole toxic masculinity bull is not real. It is simply a made up excuse for all the weak pussitis people that have no drive.
This is all influenced by the weirdo elites.

We are living in a fake world, a virtual reality where the words such as homophobe, racist, sexist, diversity and equality are all used as weapons against you to make you weak.
Only the beta males are scared of such words.
They are made up words, they never existed until recently.
Who cares it’s a joke.
I am too busy working on myself to be a better MAN than ot pay attention to any of this crap.
All these “Ism’s” are trojan horses. They are back doors to demoralize you to the point that you become such a dumbass that you can’t think for yourself.

The real world is a nice, beautiful place.
People are not out to kill you because of your race.
Shut off the evil TV, the cell phone and step outside. The real world is a paradise. Problems are created by the bull crap spewed from the media/news.
It’s all an illusion, it is not real, disconnect, opt-out and look at the sky, listen to the animals those are all real.
Remember the truth always wins.

Mike The Machine