Most leaders of today don’t even follow their own authority or moral codes if they even have any.
Only their slaves do!
Remember that WALLS offer protection.
Don’t break your code, snap out of it, don’t give in, it’s the Devils work.
When you break your own code you suffer!
Never ever break your own code again!
Don’t do what you know is wrong, don’t do it.
Every action has a consequence. Every action has a reaction. Every human knows what is right and what is wrong.
You pay the price for your actions with inner torment.

A man keeps his word, a man that doesn’t tell lies even in adversity a man speaks the truth. A man says YES or NO and sticks to it never wavering on it. You must be strong to have the ability to say YES when the answer is YES and NO when the answer is NO.
This is called the MORAL CODE.

It is the ability to say yes or no to things you know may be bad or good. Alcohol lets you do stupid things by weakening your defenses so does smoking weed. Porn is another way to allow the dark entities into your mind. Stand strong against temptation.
It’s good to be INTOLERANT-UNBREAKABLE-CLOSE MINDED-WALLS UP-and good to judge others when you meet them.

Having this code keeps my life balanced, structured and happy.
I live below my means with as little overhead as possible, no stress, a quiet life. I keep my side of the street clean (though I have messed this up before and broke my code June 2019) We are only human and make mistakes. This is how we learn.
The main gains strength via this adversity while the weak perish in their torment.

I’m a politically incorrect, free thinking, strong conservative, independant believer of Jesus Christ. I am owned by no one, no one owns me, no one tells me what to do or how to do it. There is no political party or denomination that owns me. I do what I want, when I want and how I want all within the legal ramifications of the laws where I live.

Mike The Machine Bruce