I can tell a story to a person then by next week that story is completely different.
The Ten Commandments is simply basic, good rules to follow. It comes down to common sense, knowing right from wrong.
But when you start talking about “talking” snakes, living in a whale’s belly, someone’s wife turning to salt, a burning bush talking to someone or people living till they’re 500 years old….If I said all those things you’d think I was a lunatic.

But the church dismisses the possibility of aliens existing yet they believe a gent died, was resurrected and is coming again. Yet, if I told you I believe that I was alive once and resurrected the church would say that I’m crazy!
If a daughter said I’m pregnant but I have not had sex, the parents would call her a liar!
But they will believe a lady named Mary was a virgin and without any proof we all say wow, it’s a miracle!
How do we know she was a virgin?
You’re going by a book, a story.
I want to see a man take his daughters word that it’s a “miracle”
I am all for being a gent to people, but I don’t need religion to tell me to do so.
I am a realist, what I see and I have a brain.

Look as a child we are brainwashed to believe that there is a Devil with horns, forked tail etc.
So you are told to go to Sunday school.
What kid ever woke up excited to go to Sunday school? Listen to me I know the birds and the bees so when I questioned the Sunday school teacher about how could Mary possibly be a virgin by not having sex?
I got kicked out of class haha…give me a break it’s all stories.
Religion will tell you to give your money to the church, then tell you you’re not volunteering enough…they judge everything you do.

I believe you should be good to people, keep your nose clean and live life quietly and in happiness.
It’s all about using your friggin head.  Religion is all about control, it’s all about getting people to conform to a certain way and have you follow a certain set of rules. Controlling the masses.

People get corrupted, you can have the biggest christian who 9 out of 10 times would walk right over a homeless person yet they give huge amounts of money to the church and it’s pastor. Many of these pastors are driving around in cadillacs and living in mansions
Give me a break!
Look at the Catholic church: It is worth, what billions yet still ask for money while there is still poverty in the world. If a true christian wanted to preach he can go down to the local park on Sunday, invite people, bring a blanket (Jesus stood on a hill and preached) you don’t need these huge churches that look like mansions with gold trinkets and expensive art. Every sunday, come on down to the park and I’ll preach the word of God. There won’t be a gold bowl passed around to collect money. Simply sharing the word of Jesus.

I have a question where in the bloody hell do Priests get off telling, judging me on how I am not to live with a woman?
How can he when he has supposedly never been with a woman?
Is he kiddie fiddler or something?

The I am told even if I be kind to my fellow people, give to the homeless, help with animal organizations, pay my taxes but…if I don’t accept God I’m going to hell!
But, I can go rape, beat, steal or kill a person and all will be okay and forgiven if I take God as my Lord and savior?
So if I accept him I am good to go?
You must be crazy as hell!

If Adam/Eve were the beginning and they has 3 sons, sooooo if this is the start where did the world come from?
We still only have one woman here, ONE!
So what’s going on? Does Adam keep shagging her and then she has some daughters?
Sounds like friggin incest to me.
They’re the only TWO!….I’m confused….It doesn’t add up.
Then all the bad happened due to some snake tempting her to eat the apple?
Let me get this straight, so two people, no clothes, no food, of course she’s going to eat the apple!
Would the whole world, chaos, good n bad be different if there was a carrot patch next to the apple tree and she ate the carrot instead of the apple? Would society still be the cesspool it is today?
Ya know, Snow White ate an apple and look what happened to her.
Seems to me apples and woman screw up everything.
Women! stay away from apples…eat a pear instead.