Take control of yourself, take control of your resources and stop outsourcing.
Be in control of all of your life.

The solution to being controlled by anyone is to be DETACHED.
Be ONE, be a REBEL, be a RONIN aka “HE WHO WALKS ALONE”  don’t be a follower. No pack, no club needed. All of these types of groups are all man-made programs to keep control of us. Be above it all, detach yourself. The best thing to do is to learn everything but claim nothing.

Everything in the world is about control but nothing is outside your control.
Think about that for a minute….All you do will cause a reaction.
You help others by helping yourself first.
I’m a loner, busy on my own SELF-ACTUALIZATION doing my own thing, building my character as personalities come and go. Be free in this world by being who you are not pretending to be someone else. Be YOURSELF. If you act like someone else or follow someone else’s ideals you’re a slave to the system: SLAVE TO THE MAJORITY. You are following what they tell you to do and be.

*THE MAN THAT STANDS ALONE IS THE ONLY TRUE, FREE, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY FINANCIALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. The man that is told what to do is never truly free. If you’re told what to do then you don’t have control of your mind.

Modern people are a bunch of idiots.
They don’t take the time to figure things out, they want everything handed to them. They can be manipulated easily.
Doctors for example lie to you saying they can make you well if you just take these pills. The doc then tells you that the pills must be taken regularly. Certain pills/drug companies have deals with many medical professionals to push certain product. The company then gets “X” amount of money. If the doc stops pushing pill “X” the company loses money.
You must care about yourself more than anyone.

It’s a big mistake to rely on science because when you outsource your own care of your body you’ll never get good results. This is because no one cares about you as much as you should care about yourself. You need to understand that most, not all people are only concerned with themselves and making money. Rarely do they care about your needs.

You need to stop giving up control of your life and MASTER YOUR LIFE.
If you follow the rest you become a piece of crap, a nobody, THE SAME aka slave/cattle/sheep.
Your life is what you make it, you can make it good or you can make it bad. If you have a wimp mindset you’ll always find the bad in everything. Develop and master yourself and you will find the good.

Get rid of the vises: cigs,alcohol, porn, junk food and emotional eating. Get off the cell phone, the dreaded TV and use the internet as a learning device instead of a dopamine high.

Letting people dominate and conquer you means you are weak and controlled.
Power is a game of will.
Whoever has the strongest will wins. Weak men are conquered by another person with a stronger will. Average people are not free, they are controlled by the man with more willpower. A few of us are OUTLIERS because we have such strong willpower that we cannot be conquered. Unfortunately there is very few of us in today’s clown world.

You can only control those things that you have control of. You can’t control another persons feelings or thoughts. You can’t control their movements, you can only control your own. If you’re in a volatile situation you can only control your emotions. No one should have control of you. That is no way to live, I’ve been there before and I’m sure even the strongest of you have been as well.

Control all comes down to your self discipline. A good place to start is to master your tongue. No swearing, it’s degenerative.
Curse words are called “CURSE” for a reason. You’re cursing yourself the more you curse. Language is MAGIC, speak good and you’ll bring positivity into your life.