Marriage today is a contract through the government is a new thing with the history of the world.
Marriage now is like putting handcuffs on and giving your wife the key.
It’s not a contract with your wife, it’s a contract with the government as a way of control. Not being married you can opt out of the system, once married you cannot. As a man in America aka Clown World there is one benefit to a man being married:
Marriage is overrated.

I used to think it was amazing to be with just one woman, grow together, deal with little spats, go through hard times together and grow as one, as tag team champions.
Then the one person that you give complete control to has the ability to choose to not follow through her vows as a wife.
This non compliance/break of her vows thus breaks the covenant.

Once you realize that you don’t need to rely on a person to be happy you will realize you just don’t care anymore. When she starts running her mouth and being a smart ass, keep your calm, don’t yell and don’t get angry.
Arguing is beneath me as a man. You need to be the boss in the marriage as the leader of the home. The happy wife, happy life crap is for pussitis beta males. I lost it all and gave control, then didn’t even know who the fudge I was anymore.
I had to reset and become the ass kicker husband I always was. A real man doesn’t want:
-a sassy, lippy, back talking, sweat pant wearing, pill popping, cat food and scratch ticket buying moron.

A real woman does her hair, wears light makeup, make it subtle, no fake extensions, no fake bra or fake eyelashes that look like friggin spiders hanging off her eyes.
*Secret ingredient is to wear a dress.
Pretty simple, take care of yourself, workout and take pride in the way you look.

I never get lonely, I used to love being alone. I enjoy being by myself, thinking for myself. I don’t like most people so I enjoy being alone and with my dog. Most of society is a bunch of degenerates any way. Be careful in who you share fellowship with and remember that walls serve as protection. They are good not bad.

If she is truly your soulmate then everything will workout and you’ll stay together.
Just don’t ever, ever again forget that her “great” qualities are something you made up in your mind. Truth is women change to please ME in a way that I desire. If it doesn’t work you’ll be sad/lonesome maybe for a little while, you’re only human.
Get it out, get it over with and move on to moving forward.
There are millions of datable women, good, nice, prettier, sexier, smarter, younger etc than her.
But…if she continues to try, shows effort by her actions and not emotionless words then don’t quit.
If you never quit you’ll never be a failure.

Sometimes we need to disconnect, opt out and detach ourselves.
You have to buckle up and go through hardship and you learn.
Don’t allow your problem to consume you. Your problem is just an obstacle that you have to overcome. To reach where you’re going accept that part of your life, it’s part of your wake up call. It’s like when you have something and you didn’t appreciate it.

Once it’s gone you start looking for it. You had it all along, now you want it one more chance. Sometimes things need to be taken away from you, so you can see clearly now! So Now, you appreciate what you once had.
Now you can seek redemption, you must be humble and redeem yourself, find yourself and rebuild. Be blessed 70x.
I am still on redemption highway. I Am not perfect, but I try to be.
Patience is a virtue and life is not over, it’s just getting started.

RIP Milo Martone 5/10/21