One of the most important thing in life is having an ever increasing stream of money, security and freedom and having a reason to require money, security and freedom. Money buys freedom. Freedom from calling another man boss, freedom of location, freedom of time, freedom to say “no”, and freedom of anxiety from not having any money.

You do this by being obsessed, routine, over and over, then relax a bit, over and over, routine.
This is how you build something.
When you have money you have balls, you are in control.

Acting moral is the act of being the best at following orders. The most “moral” people are the best order takers.
When a person brags about being too moral they are bragging that they do what they are told better than you.
And you should be happy for them, the world needs customer service representatives and IT professionals to help fix your computer.

I go with The Rule of ABC- Always Be in Control.

This is the most important rule for being a winner.

A- Always, B- Be, in C- Control.

Be in control of everything in your life, leave nothing in the hands of others and always keep options.
Control your money, your earning, leave nothing to chance when it can be controlled.

Whenever you can, don’t pay anything on credit, do the opposite and pay everything in advance. When you have bills you are a slave. Pay everything in advance and you have peace of mind and no one is going to give you the old “you owe me money” bit. Paying in advance is power, paying on credit is slavery.

Don’t be a debt slave to the banks, stay far away from the debt noose that is loans and credit.

Be in control and be free.