Reflecting on the past means you are not moving forward. It means you are focusing on the past.
Do not regret what you have done.
What’s done is done, regret is wasted emotion.
The past cannot be undone.

Don’t dwell on mistakes, when you do you give them power. Don’t give yourself MENTAL POISONING by dwelling on the past.
I try my best to not live in the past, let things be, if I make a mistake I learn from it, then I move forward. If you dwell on the past you get mental poisoning, don’t give your mistakes power…banish negativity.

Living in the past makes you worry about what you’ve done. WORRY will DESTROY-KILL you and make you a physical wreck. You need to look at the positives, negatives. Never make an emotional decision.
Always figure out what’s the worst/best that can happen and then act on it that way.
Worry keeps you from moving forward. Ask yourself whats the worst that can happen and prepare to deal with it.
Then move forward.

It’s only the moment, we live in the NOW!
Don’t stay in the past.
Let the past drive you to the moment, you are NOW.
Let the past, the pain give you POWER.
Don’t deny it, it’s going to be locked in the closet and hold you back.
I try to EMBRACE it, no locked doors here.
Confront it!
Why you running?
You only run to get cardio in.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist-Yesterday doesn’t exist. There is only the NOW, the right here and now.
When we wake up tomorrow it becomes the NOW.
The past is the past. We cannot live in the past, it’s over, let it go.
I don’t look to the future, I’m not guaranteed a tomorrow.
So I make the most of TODAY.
We only get one chance at this life, just one.
I have to make it count.

Own the Day,
Mike The Machine