To be a rebel against the modern world don’t fall in line with the PC police. Be a REAL MAN, don’t act like a feminized ladyboy.
Be masculine not feminine. This “toxic” masculinity bull is a joke made up by the loons in power for all the weak, ugly, leftists.
Don’t bow to this crap and you’ll stand out.

There is no tradition anymore in America.
Tradition has been murdered, annihilated, it’s dead. It is one reason why we are lost today. Society has become a bunch of degenerate morons. Thee same idiots have been brainwashed, conquered, feminized, subverted and pussified while being led by a bunch of sissies.

Manhood has been infiltrated by all the nutters. They are afraid of a group of testosterone driven STRONGMEN that are full of piss and gusto. We either tap out and live accordingly in CLOWN WORLD or we opt out go rogue off the grid.
This is not right, everyone is getting sick of this crap. We as men must take a stand and not succumb to the weak mindset.
They are them I am me, let them be and I’ll stay over here in my lane.

The reality of CLOWN WORLD and big government is what scares me. So I choose to stand my ground and tell the truth.
We are going down a very dark path that is going to eventually destroy us all.
The ones in power care more about the illegals infesting our country than they do their own people.
This government is the worst, they are liars, not the elite.
They are in control and are the ones causing all this division and chaos in our country.

Detach, build your wall, walls offer protection, they’re a good thing.
Stand strong, bring the message against the idiocy and degeneration of America.
Don’t collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
Do not seek pleasure for its own sake. Gluttony is gross, keep your mind and body sharp.
Do not depend on partial feeling.  Unsure actions produce unsure results.
Think lightly of yourself, be genuine and truthful.

Finally accept everything as it is, the world is as it is not as I wish it to be.
But… I don’t have to join their convoluted way of thinking either.

That is all for now.
Stand strong gents.

Mike The Machine