Do not fear death (easier said than done)
We all will die.
It’s not smart to worry about the inevitable.
Most of us are going to die prematurely anyway.
If you’re a fat body eating a bunch of crap, fast food, pop and on a bunch of pills then you’re a slave to your body.
If you are not the model of success, health & responsibility then you’re a hypocrite.

It’s never to late, people think because they make a mistake they can’t come back from that. Mistakes help you learn. If you know better then you should be doing better. You got the knowledge so apply it.
Knowledge is power.
Knowledge without application is useless.

I will never stop studying because when you stop learning you start dying. If you’re a self made man with a plan you can never stop learning.  Regular people can’t handle the truth. They are stupid, sheep like followers. All the real truth is hidden. The search for this truth is what makes you a better man, stronger man, smarter man, more successful man.

I will never be a member, never join a group or a club. But I will learn from every person I can get knowledge from.
If you want it you gotta see it with a clear eyed view.
Be proud.
Be obsessed.
Be crazy.
Be selfish.
Be strict.
Be after money, be after freedom and be deaf to all the bull crap.
Real men wake up and hustle as soon as their feet hit the floor a;ways to move forward.