The bigger the government the bigger the tyranny.
Politicians are some of the worst people, not our best. Most are greedy, short sighted, braindead and the easiest to bribe and blackmail.
I’m not interested in the Political game, people of power don’t go into political office. Strongmen don’t seek out positions of power. Typically degenerates & weak minded people seek these positions. Some examples are kiddie fiddlers, sex perverts aka the mentally ill.
These are the useful idiots, they want to see the destruction of the good.

Just look at what happened to the 2020 election… mean to tell me this brain-dead corpse got the most votes in history?
Come on!
It was rigged. They get you to vote thinking you’re going to change things. It’s an illusion, whether you vote for the pussitis right side or the looney left side. They need your consent to rule over you. When you vote you are saying I agree you can rule over me.
Voting is obviously a waste of time the way these corrupt bastards conned the system.
Opt out don’t follow the system.

The government wants to rule the world.
They are dictators!
They want a few at the top controlling us.
They don’t care about us, we are simply cattle to them.
They want us to bow down to them, to not think for ourselves, and to believe they are here to help us.
The more political correctness the more we have a chain around our necks.
Stop tuning in to the news it’s all fake news spewing an evil agenda to brainwash the weka and divide us.
This PC/Cancel/Pussification culture is costing us everything. The more we give into PC the more that is taken from us.

Don’t act following the worlds beliefs.
Everything they do is wrong and everything they tell you is wrong.

The people that follow the dictators orders no longer have any perception to the bull crap and lies. People no longer have an understanding of reality. It’s all because of the crap you’ve been taught via  society/PC and social media.
The crazy loons run the asylum while sane people are now considered insane and insane people are considered sane.
Focus on yourself and your family. Ignore the rest of the world. Build your own culture.

Politics/government is a just a show.
It is called political theatre for a reason.
Citizens do not pay the politicians.
It is nothing but a waste of time having interest in this crap. It’s like watching a soap opera or pro wrestling. You lose your sense of reality and become whatever they are trying to make you.
Politicians and votes are bought and paid for by the big money of the world. Caring about this nonsense changes zero. When you pay attention you become outraged over nothing.

The news makes you worry, pissed off. The fake news makes good people dummies. I say don’t let it brainwash you. Don’t waste your time on stuff you cannot fix or prove.

Stand strong gents,
Mike The Machine Bruce