The Keys are tips to better your walk as a Real Man.
These are in no particular order.

Never be jealous, it clouds the brain and stops you from learning.
Learning is power once you stop learning you’re DEAD.
The only reason you’re jealous is because you want what you’re jealous of.

Never complain. It is unattractive and should be left for the Beta Males.
Deal with constant complainers by cutting them from your life.
Tell them to turn around, bed over and then proceed to kick in the ass and walk away.
Get out of their life and allow them to wallow in their self pity while you move forward.

Everyone is taught today that we are all equal.
Don’t believe this idiocy.
Participation trophies and equality are for the weak. Real men bust their asses to win and if they lose they get back up and try again over and over. The basics lead to mastery and the man with the stronger WILL always will win.

Whatever comes tomorrow, comes…I’ll deal with it. Today, is the now, the now is all I have to worry about. Today I must deal with life as it is.

There is no reason to talk bad or disrespect a person that has done nothing wrong to you.

You must be mentally stronger than the enemy. Don’t be weak and allow words to force you to do jail time. People are disrespectful in America because they know the chance of getting their ass kicked is low due to facing jail time. It’s not worth being violent over words, now if someone attacks you physically then all bets are off.

Intuition is the voice of the source. The intuition is the way, it’s the right way and it will always be the right way. It will never be the wrong way. Many times we listen to what other people have to say and ignore our own intuition. You always must listen to your Intuition.
Listen to yourself.
You must be true to yourself and pay attention to your inner voice.