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TRUTH + FACTS = The nutters losing their minds.
What I am about to say is 100% truth and in today’s pussitis, overly sensitive, weak, clown world many will cower and throw a tantrum over my words. First and foremost I don’t give a crap about your feelings and I could care less how you live your life.
You do one thing perfectly that no one else does and that is to be yourself.

The bloodline dies:
Homosexuality is a race to suicide. It is an abomination because gays cannot have children. If gays ruled the world it would kill MANKIND, thus the bloodline dies. The world dies, it is suicide against nature.

Women are not men no matter how bad society wants them to be. It will never happen.
A women’s power lies in their femininity.
Ever notice how girls go to college normal and come home a fat, pierced, rainbow colored hair, man hating feminist?
Women are not women anymore.
It’s the dumbing down of society.
Men want to be women and women want to be men.

Remember the movie Psycho where a man dressed as a woman? Well now these lunatics are celebrated. He is mentally unstable.
Is it a coincidence that with all the estrogen chemicals in clown world that more people are coming out as ALPHABET people?
Seems like maybe the powers that be are trying to turn us into weak, unmasculine, limp wristed ladyboys.
The Sally Syndrome

Just look at their aka the government “TOXIC MASCULINITY” bull crap/agenda. I don;t know about you but I have no interest in hanging out with my pal that was once known as bob but now goes by Barbara.
The government wants to raise a bunch of weak pusses so that they can control them.
You do this by elimination aka COVID, eliminate the alpha, masculine male with a weak wimp.
They want us all the same.

You can call it what you want, you can get offended all you want, I don’t care it’s TRUTH.
The sky is blue, the moon is round, there are only two genders…boys are boys and girls are girls.
Only wimps aka beta males are scared of words like racist, homophobe, sexist, islamophobe etc. This crap is all made up words, they are not real. All the ISMS are trojan horses. They are the back door to subvert your mind, demoralize you and make you a complete moron to the point that you stop thinking for yourself.

The truth always wins, stand strong, hold the line against this fake reality society is trying to get us to believe. Don’t give in to this crazed agenda for the weak. Don’t allow yourself to become a fat, crazed, pill popping lunatic. The news is how they get their propaganda out.
It’s a war on our minds to make us think that men, family and normalcy are bad.
It’s all about destruction of family, hatred of men and hatred of beauty.
They want to celebrate all that is ugly, freaky and evil.

The real world is a nice, beautiful place.
People are not out to kill you because of your race, all races are superior, none are inferior.
The world is beautiful, the real world is paradise.
All this division and problems are created by the “elites”/
It is all deception, fake to traumatize the weak, to scare you and play on your emotions.
Fear leads to control.
The good walls are crumbling down, these supposed elites masquerade behind social justice and equality.
They hate all that is real and natural.

You can stay asleep or wake up!
You must not submit to the evils of the world, do not give consent to the forces of darkness.
It’s up to you, I choose to opt out and stay on my side of the street.

*This message has been approved/endorsed by Mike “The Machine” Bruce because society thinks they can ram their agenda no matter how crazed/evil it is and with no consequences. I own this website and therefore will bring the message, my message that we are all different and have a right to our own views and opinions. So I say if you want to wear 10 face diapers aka masks, take a shot for a virus that has 98-99% survival rate, while running around with a rainbow colored, unicorn costume on go for it!
And may you be blessed and continue to be the unique individual that GOD made you.

Be Free,